Stewardship 2021



“A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven,” Ecclesiastes 3
The Stewardship of Time

Beloved Steward of Holy Trinity,
In the book of Ecclesiastes, we read that there is “a time for every purpose…a time to plant, a time to reap….”  Our challenge is to allocate our time to meet our various demands.  This passage teaches us to make the most of God’s great gift of time.  
The most personal, appreciated and unique gift you can give is the gift of time – your time.  That valuable 24 hours a day that only you can spend.  As Christians it is important to value the time we spend at church, in worship, service and activities. Every member of the Body of Christ plays a role, according to their gifts, in the life of their local church. 
As we embark upon a new journey in our parish, we encourage you to bring the enclosed commitment card stating the time, talent and treasure you can offer, enabling our Church to enhance the spiritual growth of the Orthodox Christians entrusted to our care.  Please give prayerful consideration before returning your Commitment Card.  The fundamental premise of Stewardship is free-will giving with each individual offering as he or she is able in order to advance Church ministries.
Stewards often ask for guidance on the amounts of their financial commitments.  While there is no “right” answer, consider what the continuation of the life of this parish means to you. Just $5 a day is approximately $150 per month, or over $1,800 annually. Committing $3.25 a day is nearly $100 per month or $1,200 annually. A Stewardship commitment of only $1.75 a day is about $50 per month or over $630 annually. Give according to your means. Give with joy from your heart! 
With all stewards, a monthly check mailed to the Church or dropped in the tray is most meaningful when accompanied by your presence, by your willingness to serve, by your prayers, and by your commitment.  Stewardship is an opportunity to examine our priorities and values, to express our thankfulness, to give of ourselves and to grow in grace.  It allows us to participate in the work of God.  Giving is not a substitute for commitment – it is an expression of our commitment.  May the grace of our Lord bless you and your family to experience the joy of Christ’s Birth through the joy of giving.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres

To make a Stewardship Pledge, please fill out the Online Stewardship Form first, then return to make the payment via PayPal.  You may also bring a check on Sundays, or it may be mailed to the Parish Office. If you would like to view or download our Stewardship Brochure, please click below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stewardship

The Greek word for "Steward" is Oikonomos, which means caretaker.  All who are Stewards of Holy Trinity are caretakers who help the Church continue with it's rich history and support it's Ministries.

How do I decide how much to pledge to Holy Trinity

The amount of your monetary is a personal and economic decision.  We ask that you give cheerfully from your heart and according to your means.

Why should I become a Holy Trinity Steward

Stewards make it possible for the Holy Trinity Community to worship together, to share in fellowship, and to be supportive in all that the Holy Trinity Community does and can do for our Orthodox family and for the community-at-large. Your Stewardship commitment pays the rent, utilities, maintenance, salaries, liturgical supplies, office supplies, and all of the other necessities to have a church home and to grow and strengthen its ministries.  

Do I have to pay when I complete the Stewardship form

No.  Payment does not have to be made when you complete the form. Payments can be made  yearly, monthly or weekly. Also, if you would like to increase or decrease your pledge amount, you may submit a new pledge form.

What is a "pledge"

A pledge is a commitment to make a monetary donation.  Your pledge expresses that, "I am part of Holy Trinity and I want to show that Holy Trinity, the second oldest Greek Orthodox Church Community in the US, will continue.  This is important to me."

Is my pledge public

No.  Your pledge is kept in strict confidence.

How do I pledge

We ask you complete a Stewardship form which can be picked up at Holy Transfiguration on Sundays or downloaded above.  Please return it on Sundays or it can also be mailed to the church office at 2644 Dempster Ave, Suite 208, Park Ridge, IL 60068.  You can also call the office at 773-622-5979 and make a pledge. Monthly or yearly online payment is also available by clicking the Pledge Stewardship via PayPal tab above or the Donations Tab.